Acholi won at ACAF Festival

African’s Best Performing Troupe 

The Acholi Troupe(From South Sudan) of the Luo cultural dancers won the Meritorious Award as the best performing troup with their dance mixture of Dingidingi, Otole, Ndere and Laraka heart-shaking African music beats which rocked the events

The six days colorful  Afro-Chinese Arts & Folklore Festival in Cairo, Egypt participated in by  18 different African countries and Chinese groups was marked  by a memorable skillful Arts and folklore performance. The festival which includes film screening, folkloric dance performance as well as cuisine from the different countries and handicrafts was aimed to strengthen ties between African countries and China, celebrateing the cultural heritage of the participating countries.

 The Acholi  – Who are they?

The Acholi are the Luo/lwo or Joluo(Jaluo -sing). They belong to the vast ethnic group of the Nilotics (Jonam – people of the nile) . The Acholi mainly occupy Estern part of  South Sudan and Nothern part of Uganda. (read more here)

The Acholi Troup in Cairo Egypt- Brief Background

These Acholi traditional dancers who performed at the Afro-Chinese Arts & Folklore Festival are among the few minority residents of Cairo, Egypt. While others are temporary residents, just coming only for study purposes, others have been living here for decades now (those registered as refugees).

Living away from their homeland mean no access proper equipment needed for traditional dances, they no backing of fund to support their activities from any external sources that would help them secure necessary materials and costumes for their dancers. They never gave up, waver or cave in to fear of performing.  with the support of contribution from their community (ACE), they organize themselves for the event.                                                             With no traditional equipment like drums, flutes, cymbal and many others available for such arts and folklore events, they took advantage of a well recorded traditional music of their people back home. They carefully selected and trained 15 young ladies to perform and represent their traditional flavor of dance and music to the rest of the performing African countries and the world. Yes! they made, and more so they emerge the winner.


The ACAF colorful event in picture:

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