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  Part.1.  Acoli/Luo (aka Acholi) Alphabet

Background Introduction:

Acholi is spoken mainly in Northern Uganda,  known collectively as Acholiland, and in the Eastern Part of Southern Sudan. Who belongs to the  Western Nilotic branch of the Nilo-Saharan languages. Acholi/Acoli is closely related to Alur, Lango, Jopadhola and Luo of Kenya. Acholi   is also pronounce as Acoli, Akoli, Acooli, Atscholi, AShuli, Lwoo, Lwo,

The Language spoken by the Acholi People is also known as – Acholi or Lok Acoli or Dok/dog Acoli or Leb Acholi.

The best-known piece of writing in Acholi so far is the Song of Lawino, an epic poem by Okot p’Bitek from Uganda. It was first published in 1966 and has been translated into quite a few other languages, including English.

Part-1. The Alphabet.

Written Acholi Alphabet is so unique in many ways and sometimes may look confusing to many Learners of this most easy language to learn in the world.

There are letters that are completely missing and some letters are combined to form a desired pronunciation of a single word. Therefore, don’t get it wrong when you see two letters together in the Alphabetical lists, just remember that the two letters are, but one single Alphabetical word in Acholi language.

Below is the Alphabetical order:

acholi Alpahbet0

The missing letters:

As explained above, Acholi Alphabet doesn’t include all the 26 English Alphabetical letters. There seven missing letters, they are listed below;

“F, H, Q, S, X, V and Z”

However, this doesn’t mean that acholi language; written or spoken doesn’t use these letters at all, No, they are used occasionally when references are made to nouns known in other Languages which are not of Acoli/Luo (acholi) origin.


9 responses

  1. Kong mukwongo amito cwalo mot mamega bot dano ducu ma gitye kayele me gonyo ki temo kwedo kit me Loko leb wa man me Acoli ni. Rwot Lacwec omyero ogoo laa ne ikom yele wu man.
    Me ariyo ne eni ni amito cwalo lega na bot Acoli onyo Luo ducu me bedo ki cwak ma malo tutwal ikom yub man.

    An nyinga Oneka Morris Obal(43)
    Lakwaru Lyeli Yushua Obal me Patiko Kal.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wapwoyo mada Oneka, me kwanyo kare me coyo pwoci pi yub man me konyo pwonyo dano ma pe ngeyo leb wa me gangi.
      Watye atera me ye ki nyamo kit tam mo keken ma twero medo yub man o bot dano mapol kabedo ma tye woko ilobo Ulaya wek okony litino/lutino wa ma gudongo woko.


  2. Thanks for the initiatives. The only correction I would like you to make is that the language is LUO. But not Acholi language.
    Secondly, the Labgi, or the Lango people belong to the Nilo-hamites and the Acholi or Acoli belong to the the Nilo-tics.
    The Langi ethnic people learnt Luo because they are the neighbors to the Acoli ethnic group. They formerly belong to the Iteso and Koromojong ethnic groups.
    Thanks a lot.
    Go ahead and carry on with your work.


    1. Thanks wodpalyec for your input. The info you provided are true and correct, however the reason why we called our language Acholi instead of Luo/Lwo here is because; we took notice of the modern findings and research on the world’s websites with resources in our language, we found that each sites with the mentions of materials labeled “Luo” are often meant the language of our Luo brothers in Kenya not our Lwo language that we speak as Acholi people of Northern Uganda and Eastern part of Southern Sudan.
      Though we share alot in Common still the luo Language(Leb Luo, dog luo) that we speak as Acholi people, differs a lot in accent, phrases and expression with that of our brothers in Kenya, Congo and Tanzania.
      Therefore, We decided to go with the modern understanding of our language references and translations as known worldwide today and that is directly linked to the area we live in as Acholi people.

      The other issue about history and migration and dispersal of Lwo people that resulted into integration and assimilation of other tribes into our midst, isn’t an issue we are focusing on for now. As modern generation we want to embrace all who speak luo, Acholi, Lango, Alur and the likes as one people who share common language, origin, culture and traditions.
      Infact all of us are Jonam.(people of the Nile valley).


  3. This month I am featuring blog posts about the Acholi. We recently travelled to Gulu where we hope to return. I am just beginning to learn the beautiful Acholi language so I look forward to your future posts.
    A Piece of Uganda
    I will be linking a few posts to yours so people can see the language.


    1. Thanks moodustwriter
      I am happy to hear that you will travel to my homeland and wish you all the best of stay.
      Yeah we could touch up better materials here to help others learn acholi language.
      keep in touch!


    1. “The absent of Q”
      Thanks for taking interest in Acholi language.
      Yes, Acholi Alphabet doesn’t includes 7 of the known English Alphabetical letters.
      Check out details here


  4. Acoli is never to be written with h or H. It is not in the alphabet to start with. If other people write your name wrongly it does not mean you should do the them. Stand for the write structures please.

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