Acholi -Alphabets Part-2

Did You know?

Wether you are learning Acholi or you are a native speaker, did you really know that the modern spoken Acholi -(leb acoli/luo ) has a total of 42 Alpahbets?

You better believe it!

Recenetly we(not linguistic giants – just “we” the native acholi speaker helping others to learn simple spoken and written acholi) have discovered that Acholi Languge has more than jsut 26 straighforward English Alphabets.

The 42 Alphabets discovered are a mixture of single Alphabetical letters(with the exception of some few letters that aren’t part of Acholi alphabets) and a two letters’ combination that are inseparable in pronunciation of every day spoken  Acholi/luo Language.

Despite the fact that Acholi/Luo language uses the same English Alphabets, it has more combination of “two” letters to form a single pronounciation that signifies them(The two letters combined) to be qualified as clear “stand-alone Aphabetical letters, since they aren’t pronounce separately but as one letter word in a sentences.

The two letters’ combination is pronouced as one letter word with additon of specific vowels at their ends.

Example –

  • “Ny”  (literally pronounced -“Nya (or +other vowels..”) as in “Bwami” (violence)
  • “Ng” (literally pronounced -“Nga ( or +other vowels…”) as in “Ngom” (soil)
  • “Bw” (literally pronounced -“Bwa (or +other vowels..”) as in “Bwami” (violence)
  • “By” (literally pronounced -“Bya (or +other vowels..”) as in “Byel” (to carry on your back – esp. applied to babies )
  • “Cw” (literally pronounced -“Cwa” (or +other vowels..”) as in “Cwal” (to send or push)
  • “Dy” (literally pronounced -“Dya”) (or +other vowels..”) as in “Dyang” (Cow/bull)  and many others.

These two combination letters’ alphabets given above and many others are pronounced as one letter words in every day spoken Acholi/luo Language.

Check out the full list  and how to practice pronouncing them at LANow


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