• This site is dedicated to explore the diversity of Luo/Acholi culture as one of the African most vibrant culture and folklore kept alive from generation to generation.

This site -Luofolklore  brings you traditional arts, literatures and written articles, knowledge sharing, poems, riddles, proverbs  and other well preserved practices like dance, traditional food preparation and many more that are passed on to younger generation through oral communication, lifestyles, social media groups and direct posts from knowledgeable, elderly individual groups to  remind, teach and help the youngsters of Luo/Lwo Acholi born scattered worldwide know their origin and live with the  pride of belonging to a vibrant African  culture of Acholi/Luo ethnicity.

Brief History: Who are The Luo People?

The Luo (also spelled Lwo) are several ethnically and linguistically related Nilotic ethnic groups in Africa that inhabit an area ranging fromSouth Sudan and Ethiopia, through northern Uganda and eastern Congo (DRC), into western Kenya, and the Mara Region of Tanzania. Their Luo languages belong to the Nilotic group and as such form part of the larger Eastern Sudanic family.

Groups within the Luo nation include: The ShillukAnuakAcholiAlurPadholaJoluo (Kenyan and Tanzanian Luo), BorLuwo

The Joluo and their language Dholuo are also known as the “Luo proper”, being eponymous of the larger group. The level of historical separation between these groups is estimated at about eight centuries. Dispersion from the Nilotic homeland in South Sudan was presumably triggered by the turmoils of the Muslim conquest of Sudan. The migration of individual groups over the last few centuries can to some extent be traced in the respective group’s oral history.

To Learn more about our origin and Civilization  click here


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