Luo/ Acholi are fond of their Community wherever they live. with an organized network of members with common agenda, cause, or interest, who collaborate by sharing ideas, information, and other resource.
Migration and resettlement scattered Acholi/Luo in different part part of the world. Many have lived away from their homeland for decades, got citizenship and are the nationals of the countries where they reside by birth or registration.

Despite the fact that assimilation and external cultural influences may try to erode some of their original traditional ethics of lifstyles. Nevertheless, with the the exception of individuals born and grew up in disapora without associating with their fellow tribesmate. the majority of  Luo/Acholi, cherishly cling to their traditions. This is seen in their tast of  music beats, dance food and language.

Listed below are the links to different Acholi/Luo Community in the world.

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