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Welcome to Learning  Acholi Language Online with us here at Luofolklore website. – Wajoli i’kama wapwonyo iye Leb Acoli kany ii kabedo wa me intanet ma walwongo ni Lwofolklore.

NB/ This page is Still under edition, Check soon for the updated links where you will just select the topics of your choice to study and Learn for free:


Basic Level

  • Lesson 5: Family Relationships
  • Lesson 6: Marital Relationships
  • Lesson 7: Love  and Dating Phrases
  • Lesson 8: Home, Clothes and Utensils

Intermediate Level

  • Lesson 9: Business Phrases
  • Lesson 10: Educational Phrases
  • Lesson 11: Religious Phrases
  • Lesson 12:  Governmental Phrases

Advance Level(Mature)

  • Lesson 13:  Insult and Obscene words
  • Lesson 14: Tools and Work Equipment
  • Lesson 15: Land and Our Environment
  • Lesson 16: Riddles and Proverbs
  • Lesson 17: Tongue Twisters and  games


If you are very fluent in Acholi Language and would love to submit articles on one or more of the topics listed above drop it Here


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