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Acholi Pronouns

Welcome to Learning Acholi Free online with us.

   Part.1C.  Intoduction to Pronouns and other phrases.

Acholi [prefix] English Arabic français
An, ane a-   (aa- sounds ) I ana je
In, ine i- ( ee- sounds) you Inta, ita tu
En e- / o- (ae- sounds) he
Uuh, uwoh


Wan, wane o- (aa-sounds) we Naa’nu, nina nous
Wun, wune u-(uu-sounds) you Intum, iitu, vous
Gin ei-(eii-sounds) they Umon, ils

English  –   Acholi.

  • Me – An, or Kom an, or Koma.
  • Me Myself –  An Gikoma.
  • You: –    In (sing.) wun(plural)
  • You Yourself – In Gikomi or Kom in.
  • He/She/It –   En or Kome, 
  • Himself/Herself/Itself – En Gikome.  or Kom en.
  • They –       Gin
  • Themselves –   Komgi or Kom gin.
  • They Themselves – Gin gikomgi.
  • We –  Wan or wane(other accent)
  • We ourselves –  wan gikomwa.
    Ourselves -. Komwa


  • Mother –      Mego or Min
  • Mumy –     maa, or mama,
  • My mum/mother – Mama na,  Maa,
  • Your Mum/Mother – Meru, or meni, or Mama ni.
  • His/her/it Mum/Mother – Mine, or min…(..name of the person). eg: Min Okot.
  • T heir Mother – Min gi or Meg’gi.
  • Our Mother –  Min wa, or Meg wa.

  • Father –  Wego or won
  • Dad/Daddy – Baba, aba/oba.
  • My Dad/Father – Wora or Won An, Baba na.
  • Your Dad/Father –  Woru or Won In, Baba ni.
  • His/her/its Dad – Wone, or Won en.
  • Their Dad/Father -Won gi, weg gi
  • Our Dad/Father – Wonwa, or weg wa

….To be Continued
   Next Lesson to cover – Brothers, Sisters, Cousins,, Uncles and Aunts.



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